Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church

56 Prospect Street, Auburn, NY 13021



March 23rd, 2019


The Sabbath School Study Hour – 9:30 AM

Sabbath School Program                                               Faye Wilson

                                                                        Lesson                      “Judgement on Babylon”             Dolly Brown



The Worship Hour – 11:00 AM

Scripture Song                                                Revelation 1:8,17,18

Invocation                                                                  Dean Ingersol

Opening Hymn            Anywhere with Jesus”                    #508

Intercessory Prayer                                                     Dolly Brown

Response            “As We Come to You in Prayer”               #671

Offering                           New York Excel                  Carol Baxter

Children's Story

Special Music                                                             Dean Ingersol

Scripture Reading          Revelation 5:11-13                Dolly Brown

Sermon                   “True Sanctuary, Part 2”          Dean Ingersol

Closing Hymn             “Draw Me Nearer”                              #306




Our Church Life


“Joseph gradually gained the confidence of the keeper of the prison, and was finally entrusted with the charge of all the prisoners. It was the part he acted in the prison—the integrity of his daily life and his sympathy for those who were in trouble and distress—that opened the way for his future prosperity and honor. Every ray of light that we shed upon others is reflected upon ourselves. Every kind and sympathizing word spoken to the sorrowful, every act to relieve the oppressed, and every gift to the needy, if prompted by a right motive, will result in blessings to the giver."

Ellen G. White

WiFi password is smilingcanoe431


Coming Soon!... Be prepared to be blessed at the annual Passion Play at Union Springs Academy. Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th from 7:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm.


If you would like to give to this week’s offering (New York Excel) please place your offering in a tithe envelope and mark it ‘New York Excel’. Otherwise, loose offering will go to Local Church Budget.


This evening at 7pm is game night in the fellowship room. Come for vespers and stay for fun and fellowship. Bring a snack, your favorite game and a friend.


                                                        Bible Quiz – Who was instructed by an angel to send for the apostle Peter?

                                                                                                                               (Acts 10:3)



Sabbath ends at: 7:20pm         Next Sabbath begins at: 7:28pm