Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church

56 Prospect Street, Auburn, NY 13021




January 25th, 2020


The Sabbath School Study Hour – 9:30 AM

Prayer and Meditation

                                                                        Lesson                 “From Furnace to Palace”          John Adolphi



The Worship Hour – 11:00 AM

Scripture Song                                                            Daniel 2:20-23

Invocation                                                                      John Adolphi

Opening Song     I Sing the Mighty Power of God”               #88  

Praises, Petitions, and Intercessory Prayer                   Dolly Brown

Response             “As We Come to You in Prayer”                #671

Offering                           Religious Liberty                   Wayne Pratt

Children's Story

Special Music

Scripture Reading               Romans 1:16-18               Dolly Brown

Sermon        “The 5 legged stool with only 4 legs”   John Adolphi

Closing Hymn             Faith is the Victory”                          #608



Our Church Life


“Unless we mix faith with our hearing of the Word, unless we receive the truths we hear as a message from heaven, to be carefully studied, to be eaten by the soul and assimilated into the spiritual life, we lose the impression of the Spirit of God. We do not understand by experience what it means to find rest by receiving the divine assurances of the Word. The importance of studying the Word cannot be overestimated. Its promises are large, and full of richness..”

Ellen G. White


If you would like to give to this week’s offering (Religious Liberty) please place your offering in a tithe envelope and mark it ‘Religious Liberty’. Otherwise, loose offering will go to Local Church Budget.


Please consider bringing a signs of the times to your next appointment and leave it there to bless someone else.


Interested in Daniel and Revelation bible studies? Check out Hopebiblestudy.org or go to our church website auburnadventist.org for daily devotionals and on-line bible studies.


Health tip: Here’s 3 easy ingredients that can boost your immune system and energy: 2 Oranges, 3 Apples and 1 handful of blackberries. Place in a blender for a healthy smoothie!


Sabbath ends at: 5:07pm         Next Sabbath begins at: 5:16pm