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Auburn Seventh-day Adventist Church

56 Prospect Street, Auburn, NY 13021




March 14th, 2020


The Sabbath School Study Hour – 9:30 AM

Prayer and Meditation

                                                                                        Lesson                         “From Battle to Victory”             Dolly Brown



The Worship Hour – 11:00 AM

Scripture Song

Invocation                                                                James Robinson

Opening Song            How Great Thou Art”                         #86  

Praises, Petitions, and Intercessory Prayer                   Crystal Lake

Response             “As We Come to You in Prayer”                #671

Offering      Adventist World Radio / Hope Channel    Dolly Brown

Children's Story

Special Music                                                                  Five to Life

Scripture Reading                Psalms 59:16,17               Crystal Lake

Sermon                     “Make a Joyful Noise”         James Robinson

Closing Hymn     Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory”           #647



Our Church Life


“The first thing to be learned by all who would become workers together with God is the lesson of self-distrust; then they are prepared to have imparted to them the character of Christ. This is not to be gained through education in the most scientific schools. It is the fruit of wisdom that is obtained from the divine Teacher alone.”

Ellen G. White


Our Speaker next Sabbath will be Anthony Baskerville.


If you would like to give to this week’s offering (Adventist World Radio / Hope Channel) please place your offering in a tithe envelope and mark it ‘Adventist World Radio / Hope Channel’. Otherwise, loose offering will go to Local Church Budget.


Unfortunately, Fellowship dinners have been discontinued until further notice.


There are disinfectant towels and hand sanitizer in the lobby for your use. If you are not feeling well you are advised to stay home until you feel well again. We’ve been asked to avoid contact with others as much as possible to respect the well-being of those around us.


Health tip: Here’s a warm drink to soothe your throat on a winters day: 16 oz. water, 2 cinnamon sticks, juice of a lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey.


Sabbath ends at: 7:10pm         Next Sabbath begins at: 7:18pm